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my dietary restrictions

Jill's allergies

created on: 1/27/05

Last updated: 3/25/2009 - chickpeas are good again, and after 14 years I've now added cranberries (in small amounts) back to my diet

I'm a vegetarian who pretty much eats only parve food- no dairy, no red meat, no fowl(chicken, turkey...) but I do eat kosher fish and eggs.

Instead I drink lots of rice and/or soy milk.

There's medical reasons for all the weird foods I can't eat (eating asparagus landed me an overnight stay in the medical center in college) so they are real.

First, what I like to eat: then: the actual restrictions.

food I like...

I'll always be happy with lots of vegetables, some protein, and

some whole grains. protein is key. if in doubt, I'll take a banana, two eggs sunny side up, and some whole grain toast. throw in an avocado (one of my favorite foods) and I'll be very happy.

things I like:

  • broiled/roasted salmon; seared tuna steaks marinated in lime and soy
  • brown rice, whole wheat pasta; quinoa, millet (whole grains are key)
  • stir-fries, tofu, stews,
  • trader joe's meatless meatballs

  • there's lots of vegan recipes up on the post punk kitchen

here's the restriction list:

no: red meat, poultry (obviously no pork either)
no dairy

note: I've found a good recipe for tofu-ricotta cheese, in a recipe (like lasagne) it's almost indistinguishable from the real thing :)

note: only tofutti soy cheese and mozarella soy cheese are okay, all the soy cheeses that are flavors that I can't eat (cheddar, for example)
that contain natural flavors are suspect unless they are un-aged and certified vegan. (Also,lots of soy cheese contain casein, a milk protein. So only soy cheeses marked vegan are okay)

no peanuts (all other nuts okay)
(small amount of peanuts (like peanut oil in roasted nuts) are okay, I just can't eat peanuts or peanut butter.)

no lentils, split peas, or other similar teeny beans
(black beans, white beans, pintos, chickpeas etc are fine :)
no asparagus
no corn kernels (processed cornmeal okay)

no celery in large quantities, small chopped up bits that have been
sauteed and baked to within an inch of their life (like in tempeh loaf
and stuffing) are fine

oranges: only navel, valencia, and blood oranges are okay (clementines,tangerines and others can give me migraines)

no chocolate
no nitrates (found in preserved meat and fish-especially lox)
no beer

Note: hidden cheese:

The following foods tend to include cheese as an ingredient:

(so I avoid them)

  • pesto
  • quiche
that's it for the allergies..

thanks for reading this far!

Jill R. Singer --

Last updated: 3/25/2009

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