Monday, March 5, 2007

sweet potato crepes with cilantro-tamarind sauce

tonight dan and I made this amazing recipe from Vegan With a Vegeance.

it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. It was sweet, savory, coconut-limey, flavorful, but not spicy at all. just amazingly good.

although - we started at 8:15; and we didn't eat til 10 pm.

so I've promised to not make this unless I start at 5 pm; and probably only on sunday.

next time I *will* use whole spices; and just use the mortar and pestle; I'm not yet ready to get a dedicated spice grinder. (maybe it's more of a space issue...and I'm trying to not always buy tons of stuff....)

also- tonight was the first time I tried whole food's organic coconut milk (from a can); and it was better than other brands I've tried- it wasn't that watery.

the only recipe substitution I made was canola or olive oil for the peanut oil, without any problems.

the sauce was the best part, and the easiest.

also- one needs to wait - for the crepes- for them to look almost done until flipping; and having an almost dry 8" cast iron pan is best (olive oil being rubbed on with a paper towel works).

and don't worry about the first crepe. it's sacrificial- it warms up the pan. the rest will turn out :)

Here's a pic of the crepes mid-assembly, you can see the filling.